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Can getting a bikini body help us improve our habits?

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Can getting a bikini body

It is spring and some people will already be thinking about how to get rid of those extra pounds. So what now? Is it time to try and get a bikini body? This concept is often used as a joke and is not usually taken seriously. However, it could be another tool to help internalize new habits.

In order to make an action automatic, it needs to be repeated over time; and this requires will and motivation. So if we decide to eat more fruit and start exercising to try to get a bikini body, we run the "risk" of these actions becoming a habit through repetition.

Imagine that you start to consider trying to get a bikini body after reading this article. How can you get organized to lose weight properly? Here are some ideas:

  1. Walk more. Whenever you can, leave the car at home and walk to get around. Avoid elevators and escalators, use the stairs.
  2. Exercise. Sign up for an activity class twice a week. At a time and place that suit you and do not require a big effort to go. Make it easy to go, otherwise the excuses will get the upper hand.
  3. Limit products that use flavorings, additives, and colorings, as well as lots of sugar, fat and salt. These products stimulate our taste buds a lot and it is difficult for us to stop eating once we start.
  4. If you need to snack between meals, eat more fruit and raw nuts. They will help you get to the main meal feeling less hungry and more balanced.
  5. Don't stop eating the foods you like the most completely. Reduce your portion sizes and add more vegetables on the side.
  6. Being organized is essential. Do the shopping and take time to cook.
  7. Weighing yourself every 15-20 days is sufficient. The rest of the time, try to meet your goals.
  8. Be positive about your improvements.
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