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Tips to Prepare a Delicious Spanish Omelet



  • 1 kg of potatoes
  • 8 eggs
  • 1 onion
  • salt and oil
Spanish Omelet
Trucos para Preparar una Deliciosa Tortilla de Patata

Preparing a potato omelet is a challenge that anyone who likes to cook should try, but you need to know that making a Spanish omelet is simple but making a good Spanish omelet is not.

The first thing you need are the ingredients: potatoes, eggs, onions, salt and oil. You should use good-quality ingredients, the potatoes should be firm never soft and floury, the eggs fresh and if they are free range all the better, good onions and mild olive oil.

You will need a good frying pan with the nonstick coating in good condition to ensure the omelet does not stick; a tip is only to use it for omelets and fried eggs. A very practical tip that you can use if you don't have a good frying pan, to prevent the omelet from sticking, is to cover the bottom of the pan with salt, then fry it until turns slightly golden, then remove the salt with a paper towel or a cloth and you can use the pan without the risk of the food sticking.

The whole preparation process is done by eye and it is almost impossible to make a Spanish omelet using exact amounts. The important thing is to get the ratio of ingredients right. You can use the following rule if you prefer a well done omelet: for each potato the size of a closed fist add one egg and if you like a more succulent omelet for every 3 potatoes add 4 eggs or 5 if they are small. When in doubt it is always better to add more eggs.


First you must peel and cut the potatoes, some people prefer to cut them into thin slices and others prefer to dice them, the important thing is that they are all a similar size to make sure they take the same time to cook. Once they are cut add a big pinch of salt and fry them in very hot oil.

Now cut the onion into not too small pieces, the amount of onion depends on taste, ranging from those who don't like it and don't add any or just add a small onion, to those who like it a lot and add one or two onions per omelet depending on the size of the onions and the Spanish omelet, you will have to try different ways to find the formula that suits you.
To prevent crying when chopping onions a good tip is to do it under the extractor hood with it switched on or in a place with a draft, try it you'll see how well it works.

It's time to fry the potato in plenty of hot oil. The cooking point should be between fried and boiled, almost fried but not totally crispy. That way you will not run the risk of it being undercooked and the oil will drain off better. When the potato is almost cooked, add the onion, which will take just 3 minutes to cook, although this is another case of each chef to their own and many fry it with the potato from the start.

While the potatoes are frying you can beat the eggs in a bowl adding a pinch of salt. To make it extra soft, separate the yolks and beat the whites until they are stiff, you can also add a teaspoon of yeast to get the same effect. If you want it to be more succulent just add a splash of cold milk.

When the potatoes are ready drain as much of the oil as possible so it doesn't become greasy and add them to the well-beaten eggs and put the mixture to one side for 10 minutes to ensure that the potato is well soaked in the egg and acquires the proper consistency. The egg should cover the potato and the onion.

Now add a spoonful of oil to a clean pan and when it is very hot pour in the mixture and let it cook for 1 to 2 minutes depending on whether you like it more or less done.

Make sure you have a plate to hand to use to turn the Spanish omelet over, which should always be bigger than the pan to avoid any problems when turning it over, do it in one quick, sure movement, firmly and decisively. Place the plate on the frying pan and hold it tightly with one hand while you use the other to turn it over holding the handle. Now you just need to put the omelet back in the pan so that it finishes cooking on the other side. This will take 1 to 2 minutes if you like it succulent and 2 to 3 minutes if you like it well done. Place the omelet on a clean plate and it's ready!

With these tips you will be able to enjoy a tasty Spanish omelet, now you just have to practice. And if you want to be able to taste a delicious Spanish omelet at any time without any effort don't forget to try our delicious range.

What is your top tip for making Spanish omelet?

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