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Manchego-style pisto with chorizo



  • 2 medium zucchini
  • 2 green peppers
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1/2 Palacios Chorizo
  • 1 onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Mild paprika
  • Salt
Manchego-style pisto with chorizo

We show you how to make this traditional recipe from Spanish gastronomy that has been consumed by farmers for centuries using produce from their vegetable gardens. A healthy and delicious dish to which you can add some cubes of Palacios Chorizo to enhance its flavor.


Chop the onion and garlic cloves and lightly fry them in a pan with hot oil. Salt.

When they start to turn golden brown, add the chopped peppers, a pinch of salt and sauté for a few minutes. Add 1 teaspoon of paprika, stir, cover and leave to cook for a couple of minutes.

Meanwhile, slice the zucchini and the Palacios Chorizo. Salt the zucchini and add it to the pan along with the chopped chorizo. Stir, remove the lid and leave the vegetables to sauté slowly. Continue stirring occasionally.

All you need to do now is taste, add salt if needed and serve.


This is a vegetable-based dish, which is accompanied by chorizo.

We know that vegetables are characterized by their low energy intake and their high vitamin, mineral and fiber content. This makes them ideal to be consumed by many people, regardless of whether or not they are watching their calories.

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