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Palacios donates its products to the health workers and volunteers at the Ifema Field Hospital in Madrid


Palacios donates its products to the health workers

When a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic shakes us, words are lost in a landscape of desolation. It is time to roll up our sleeves and take action.

And when this happens, we discover that we live in a generous and socially committed world, where everywhere you look anonymous heroes, like our doctors, health workers and volunteers, rise up to fight the pandemic on the front line.

At Grupo Palacios we want to show our appreciation of this group, represented at the Ifema Field Hospital. Every day, while the hospital is operational, we will take all our encouragement and admiration, accompanied by the free delivery of our omelets, salads, pizzas and desserts.

It is a small gesture, which combined with others will help us to overcome this pandemic. And along the way an idea will be sown: we live in a world full of wonderful people.

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