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Palacios and Granderroble merge


DELIDOR, belonging to the PALACIOS ALIMENTACIÓN GROUP, has signed an agreement with INDUSTRIAS GRANDERROBLE to merge their common businesses and consolidate as the largest Spanish Industrial Dessert group.

Combining these two companies turns the resulting firm into the leader and benchmark in Spain for the confectionary and dessert business, combining over 40 years’ know-how and experience from INDUSTRIAS GRANDERROBLE and DELIDOR's industrial development capacity and market knowledge.

The merger aims to serve all segments and positioning within the Food Service, national Distribution and Retail. It also aims to meet strategic objectives to take a definitive step towards new markets by means of internationalisation.

The new company’s RTD capacity, strengthened by combining both structures, will help to meet the aims defined in the new Strategic Plan for the confectionary and dessert business.

The INDUSTRIAS GRANDERROBLE S.A. family company specialises in making confectionary and desserts. It is based in Quintes (Asturias), in 2012 its turnover was 8 million Euros and it employs around 50 workers.

DELIDOR, also a dessert manufacturer, belongs to the PALACIOS ALIMENTACIÓN group. Located in Albelda de Iregua, it had a turnover of 8 million Euros in 2012 and has a staff of around 50.

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