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Palacios Alimentación received the 'BRC' and 'IFS' certificates that make it easier to open up the world market.


The Palacios Alimentación group yesterday received the 'BRC' and 'IFS' quality certificates from La Rioja President, Pedro Sanz. This company has thereby become the first meat company in La Rioja to obtain this recognition, guaranteeing quality for all food during production so that it reaches the consumer in the best possible sanitary conditions.

Also present at the event were, among others, the director general of the Palacios Alimentación group and its honorary president Pedro Domínguez and Dolores García, respectively, alongside Ramón Robles, president of the SGS International Certification Services (SGS ICS) Ibérica, the company that presented the food group with the certificates.

"This recognition puts this group in its rightful place" assured Sanz who also declared that he has "seen it grow in spectacular fashion" always seeking "quality, guarantee and consumer trust in its products". The president also mentioned that Palacios Alimentación is a clear example that "the family business model can triumph at all levels - both big and small."

Ramón Robles, on the other hand, attributed the company's success "to the entire staff" and stated that consumers want "to know what they are eating" and so "for the last four or five years in matters of food security, the most important thing has been the product certificate, although very few actually hold it." In addition, the president of SGS ICS Ibérica stated that obtaining this certificate is a way of opening up to the worldwide market and can be used to "eliminate food warnings in our country."

Both Sanz and Robles highlighted Palacios Alimentación's commitment to continue this certification process constantly. Robles warned that the company "cannot let its guard down" whilst the president of La Rioja declared that this was not a prize but recognised "the will of a company to undergo control and inspection while permanent certification remains the guarantee for citizen consumption."

Worldwide prestige

The SGS entity, based in Switzerland, is the leading service provider for inspection, tests and certification. It is currently accredited in 36 countries and the certificates it issues are recognised throughout the world as a guarantee of good business management. The activities it works with are fundamentally related to agriculture, mining, consumption products, oil and gas.

The companies that receive these credentials, such as Palacios Alimentación, should have a previously documented, implanted and updated quality certificate in addition to meeting the Manufacturing and Handling best practices manual and implanting a risk analysis and critical control points system, among other requisites.

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