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Palacios – Findus strategic alliance


Palacios Alimentación has signed a strategic alliance with FINDUS.

Under this alliance, each company will specialise in what they do best. FINDUS takes over sales management for the frozen pizza business that will be a roaring success thanks to its brand recognised throughout the world of frozen food. Palacios will take charge of industrial business management in its Azuqueca de Henares factory (Guadalajara).

From April 1st, our Frozen Pizzas, Pizza Bases and Frozen Pizza Balls will be sold and distributed through FINDUS and we will immediately start innovating with new high quality references alongside the FINDUS brand.

With this agreement, both companies believe that they will be able to offer a wider range of high quality products, offering innovation and a service that meets consumers’ present and future needs.

This strategic alliance represents a great step forward for our Company in the Frozen Pizzas category and a relaunch in the Foodservice channel that we hope will pay off shortly in terms of new orders and Customers.

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