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Alinaco joins the Palacios group


ALINACO, leader of the Spanish Frozen Omelette market, has joined the PALACIOS GROUP by means of an agreement that will unify both companies’ omelette business and move forward in building a benchmark Spanish group in the ready meal sector.

This will help to strengthen the Palacios Group’s presence in the Spanish and French market.

ALINACO is a pioneering and innovative company in the Spanish and French markets, going back 20 years (Omelette, Tortipizza, Panitortilla, etc.), with a turnover of 8 million Euros in 2012 and a staff of 55.

The Palacios Group can make the most of Alinaco's presence in the major Food Service and Retail provider groups, thanks to its constant innovation and its capacity to adapt within the market. ALINACO’s plant in the Navarran town of Buñuel is designed to develop this strategy in the omelette manufacturing area, with significant investments made to increase industrial and competitive capacity and to generate short term employment.

The industrial concentration of both companies, in a highly atomised sector, will generate a great many synergies for all links in the food chain (consumers, distributors, etc.) as well as for the new company in its sales, logistics, invoicing, exporting and portfolio facets as they are entirely complementary.

Signing this agreement maintains business and development in the town of Buñuel and in the South of Navarra, one of the main aims of PALACIOS and ALINACO since they started working together.

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