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Typical Christmas dishes from around the world

Gastronomy tips

Typical Christmas dishes from around the world

Christmas is an international holiday that is celebrated practically all over the planet, around a table and accompanied by loved ones. However, each country celebrates it with a different menu. Below we take a look at the most typical Christmas dishes throughout the world.

Coquilles de Saint Jacques (France)

As you know, the French are great lovers of gastronomy. Therefore, their Christmas dinner is full of gourmet products. Among these, Coquilles de Saint Jacques are a must, a type of large scallop served under an exquisite layer of cheese and herbs.

Capelletti in Brodo (Italy)

As you would expect, the Italians celebrate Christmas by eating pasta, but this time they do it with a spoon!! Capelletti are tortellini stuffed with chicken and ricotta that are cooked in a capon broth. A delicious dish that is also great for warming you up.

Puto Bumbong (Philippines)

This former Spanish colony is the Asian country with the largest number of Catholics, which is why Christmas is very important there. The most typical dish to celebrate is Puto Bumbong, sticky purple rice that is served with butter, to which they add coconut mixed with sugar.

Zakuski (Russia)

In this case, Zakuski does not refer to a dish itself, but to a group of dishes. It is a variety of hot and cold appetizers that revolve around salmon, caviar and egg. Another must is Olivier Salad which we know here as Russian salad. All this is paired, of course, with shots of vodka.

Hallacas (Venezuela)

In Venezuela, hallacas are the stars of Christmas, a dish with different versions with a corn dough base filled with meat to taste: pork, chicken, beef... Finally they are wrapped to form a rectangle with the help of banana leaves.

And in Spain…

In our country, Christmas dinner and lunch varies depending on each Autonomous Community. For example, in La Rioja, cardoon with almonds is a must as a starter. And in Galicia, cod cooked with cauliflower is typical. In Cantabria, they eat snails and the Catalans have sopa de galets (pasta and meat soup). Finally, in many Spanish homes, the star dish is roast suckling pig or baby goat.


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