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Meat and chorizo lasagna

Known throughout the world, lasagna is a favorite with kids and adults alike. Below we explain how to prepare a classic lasagna recipe, step by step, with a touch of Palacios Chorizo. Enjoy!
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Chorizo skewer with mushrooms and onion

In summer everyone loves a barbecue. So this month we propose a simple and tasty skewer perfect for barbecuing, but you can also make it on the grill. It's up to you.
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Pasta stuffed with chorizo and homemade tomato sauce

Stuffed pasta has a special appeal. Whenever we eat it, which doesn't happen very often, we enjoy it so much. It can be filled in hundreds of different ways, but we will fill it with Chorizo Palacios, of course.
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Rice with artichokes and chorizo

Rice is the perfect base for any meal because it provides very complete dishes from a nutritional point of view. You just have to know how to choose the ingredients that go with it. This time, we present a recipe that combines the goodness of vegetables with the unmistakable tast...
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Meat and chorizo empanada

As it is very easy to take with you and perfect to share, the empanada is an excellent option for a picnic on the beach or in the countryside. And you can add your favorite ingredients. Of course, we make it with Chorizo Palacios!
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Cream of vegetable soup with chorizo

Cream of vegetable soup is one of the best dishes you can have for dinner. It is an easy to digest, healthy recipe that allows us to go to bed without feeling too full.
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Grated carrots with mushrooms. and chorizo!

Would you like a healthy, delicious and simple starter? This recipe combines the sweetness of the carrot with the taste and texture of the mushrooms. Finally, there's nothing like a few pieces of chorizo to make it irresistible.
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Chorizo and king shrimp skewer

In our previous blog article we talked about the famous ketogenic diet that has become so popular due to its success for weight-loss.
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Zucchini white sauce

Did you know that with the help of a zucchini you can prepare a delicious white sauce without using flour? With much fewer calories than traditional white sauce, it is ideal for people who are watching their weight but don't want to deprive themselves of the flavor. Add it to you...
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Poached eggs with peas and chorizo

Easy to make and tasty, that's the recipe we want to share with you this time. With staple ingredients we always have in the icebox or pantry, it is ideal for when you get home late and want to make something quick.
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