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Have you ever wondered why tapas are so famous in Spain? Tapas are a big part of Spanish culture, the term refers to small plates of food that are usually accompanied by a drink mainly a glass of wine.
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Palacios Omelet Stuffed With Ham And Cheese

You can also add different toppings to your Palacios omelet: Fried chorizo chunks, Serrano ham chunks, Mayonnaise and york ham, Mayonnaise, surimi and egg, Peppers, Caramelized onion, Tomato and melted cheese.
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Egg, French Fries & Chistorra

Chop the chistorra and bone the dates. Sauté everything in a frying pan, then transfer the stir fry to the blender glass, add a splash of olive oil and grind.
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Rice with chicken, chorizo and peas

Rice is one of the most commonly used foods in the kitchen because the list of ingredients you can add is endless, making all kinds of tasty combinations. On this occasion we suggest a simple recipe with chicken, vegetables and Palacios Chorizo for Cooking.
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Beef stew with chorizo

Making a traditional stew is easier than you might think. You just have to give it a go, with a little bit of patience and love. Here we show you how to make one using beef and Palacios Chorizo for Cooking.
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Broccoli and Quijote Chorizo muffins

You read right! We are going to show you how to prepare some delicious savory muffins made with a superfood, broccoli, and the intense and delicious flavor of our Quijote chorizo. It's super easy and super tasty!
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Roast potatoes, with chorizo and red peppers

This recipe that is cooked in the oven is perfect for a gathering at home, combined with other snacks or as a side dish for roast meat or fish. It is tasty and nutritious, so everyone will like it!
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Chickpea hummus with chorizo

Ideal for sharing, this Middle Eastern recipe has become a classic party dip. We show you how to make it even more special by adding Palacios Chorizo.
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Cauliflower au gratin with chorizo

Cauliflower is not one of the most popular vegetables among the little ones. However, with this recipe, which includes Palacios Chorizo Ibérico, they're bound to start liking it. Have a go at making it and make sure the whole family benefits from its nutritional properties!
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Manchego-style pisto with chorizo

We show you how to make this traditional recipe from Spanish gastronomy that has been consumed by farmers for centuries using produce from their vegetable gardens. A healthy and delicious dish to which you can add some cubes of Palacios Chorizo to enhance its flavor.
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