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The origin of tapas

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The origin of tapas

Tourists from around the world who visit Spain never miss the opportunity to enjoy the tapas served in its bars. The small portions of food that are served as an accompaniment to a drink have become its hallmark. We explain their origin and the reason behind their name.

The origin of Spanish tapas has always generated great interest, hence the many different legends or myths surrounding it. Despite having no scientific basis, the most popular theory links the creation of tapas to King Alfonso XVIII. Theory states that while he was visiting Cadiz he decided to stop at a humble tavern. There he was invited to a glass of wine and, to stop the annoying flies from entering the glass, the waiter could only think of “tapársela” (covering it) with a slice of ham. The king appreciated the ingenuity and asked for another glass of wine, of course, with a ham "Tapa" (cover).

However, another theory states that Alfonso XVIII was not the inventor of the tapas, but rather King Alfonso X of Castile. Apparently this king realized that drinks went down better when they were accompanied with food and ruled that all the Inns of Castile should serve some food with their wine.

Whatever their origin, tapas have become very popular worldwide, especially here in the United States. This is due in great part to Penelope Casas and her book “Tapas: The Little Dishes of Spain” published in 1985. Also to the famous chef José Ándres, who opened “Jaleo” in Washington D.C. in the 90s, the first tapas bar in the country, with great success.

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