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What is the mediterranean diet and what are its benefits?

What we know today as the Mediterranean Diet comes from the concept of Diaita used in ancient Greece. Diaita does not exclusively mean a diet or dietary pattern, but rather a lifestyle that included local ingredients, recipes and dietary habits of the Mediterranean area, with phy...
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Origin and history of the potato

The potato is currently one of the most popular foods in the world. However, before the discovery of America nobody knew it existed apart from the civilizations that lived in Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Colombia. They were the first growers of this product that is essential for glob...
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The origin of tapas

Tourists from around the world who visit Spain never miss the opportunity to enjoy the tapas served in its bars.
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Healthy advice: how to make resolutions become facts?

It's usual at the beginning of the new year to set ourselves challenges and changes in habits which, after a certain time, we often give up. The aim of this post is to help you form now eating habits that will be long-lasting.
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The origins of typical spanish Christmas candy

Turrón, marzipan, polvorones. We all have a favorite typical candy that we love to eat at Christmas time. Would you like to know the origins of each of them? In our blog we go through the different theories.
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New trends in grains

We'd never heard of them until a couple of years ago, even though they've been consumed since time immemorial by different cultures. Their main virtue is their remarkable nutritional qualities. Let's take a look at some of the new trends in grains in today's diet.
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Parmesan, the cheese that makes you happy

Its characteristic flavor gives it intensity and personality. However, did you know that consuming it increases your sense of well-being? We will tell you more about this and other curious facts about this cheese.
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Staying positive about going back to work

You had a wonderful vacation, got some much-needed rest and took a break from the daily grind. But now it's time to get back to work, and to your daily routine (which is also wonderful in its own way!). Here are some tips on how to make the back-to-work process a positive one.
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An international study verifies the benefits of consuming pork meat

Demonstrates that the consumption of pork meat lowers heart risks in those persons who are overweight or moderately obese.
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The most expensive coffee in the world. Kopi Luwak

If the price of this coffee already seems surprising, about 400 euros a kilo, it is even more so if you know how it is obtained. We warn you, its manufacturing process is not suitable for delicate stomachs.
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