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Healthy advice: how to make resolutions become facts?

Gastronomy tips

Healthy advice:  how to make resolutions become facts?

It’s usual at the beginning of the new year to set ourselves challenges and changes in habits which, after a certain time, we often give up. The aim of this post is to help you form now eating habits that will be long-lasting.

First of all, we need to take our time, work on this idea that’s floating in our head, and ask ourselves honestly, Do I really want to go ahead with this? Is this a personal objective I am interested in following through?

The next stage is to list the benefits I will obtain when the change is made and not lose focus, as this will give me the determination to continue.

Likewise, it is necessary to decide if it is feasible at this moment in time to work on this desire. Is it realistic for me to achieve my goal? Does my life situation allow me do it?

If my mind is set, I believe I will succeed and see that now is the perfect moment, I set about drawing up a small plan.

The following table is an example:

Guide to begin making changes of habits in relation to food:

Dietary habit to be changed

Reasonable objective of change

The change to be make will depend on the frequency of consumption and habits of each person

Fruit servings per day

Be sure to get 1 piece of fruit per day

Servings of vegetables per day

Be sure to get 1 dish of vegetables per day

Frequency of fast food

Decrease to 1 intake a week

Intake of soft drinks or alcoholic drinks

Leave these for Friday and Saturday

Consumption of desserts or sweets per week

Decrease to 1 serving a week

Now you only need to choose the habit you want to improve and insist on it each day.

To finish, remember:

  • Set small goals, that you can fulfill. This will help you stick to your objective.
  • Choose only 1 resolution at a time, otherwise you will get stressed.
  • It is important that your objective is specific and measurable, this way you will know if you are on the right track.


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