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Grupo Palacios has been awarded the ANIMAL WELFARE CERTIFICATION which guarantees strict observance of all the requirements of animal welfare, food safety and care for the environment.

The Animal Welfare Certification is independently supervised by scientists and technicians, highly prestigious research and technology institutions and is recognised worldwide in the field of animal welfare. It is based on a comprehensive animal welfare audit by direct observation of the animals and their environment and complies strictly and rigorously with legislation. 

Animal welfare affects all links in the chain of livestock production and its implementation has a direct impact on product quality.


We in Grupo Palacios seek to satisfy the needs of today's society without compromising those of future generations. For this reason, the concept of sustainability is very present in the company's day-to-day work. We strive to comply with sustainable parameters in all areas of operations.

Supporting the environment

We in Grupo Palacios constantly search for specific environmental solutions that enable us to respond to our commitment to the environment. Our aim is to add value to society by seeking a balance between efficiency and respect for nature.

Ethical treatment of employees

In Grupo Palacios we believe that commitment to people is intrinsic to the objective of achieving a more sustainable society. Therefore we strive to offer ethical treatment, not only to our employees, but also to our suppliers, customers and all who are connected to our activity.

Sustainable actions

To achieve these objectives, at Grupo Palacios we carry out disinterested actions that allow us to improve the environment through rural development in sparsely populated areas.

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