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History and evolution

All about us

History and evolution

The Palacios story dates back to 1960 in Albelda de Iregua (La Rioja) and the opening of a little butcher's. From the start, the outstanding 100% natural Chorizo they produced was a stand-out; in fact, they continue to use the original recipe to this day.

Testament to their decades of innovation, quality and diversification is the fact that Grupo Palacios is an icon in the modern food sector.

For last 20 years, Palacios has been present in the US market place. After the acquisition of Elore Enterprises in November 2016, the group reinforces its position as a relevant player in the specialty food marketplace in the USA.

Our history

  • 1960 The "Palacios" butcher's shop opens in Albelda de Iregua
  • 1983 Embutidos Palacios S.A. facilities are opened (4,000m2 & 7 employees) to make strung U-shaped chorizo
  • 1997 Palacios chorizo leads the Spanish market with a 21% share
  • 1998 Palacios is one of the four European companies authorized by the United States to sell meat products in this country
  • 1999 The first Palacios Pizzas production plant starts up
  • 2002 First Spanish omelette plant is purchased & the second pizza production plant opens
  • 2003 Launch of frozen desserts
  • 2004 Set up of the ready-meal factory
  • 2009 MBO in Palacios Alimentación
  • 2013 Acquisition of a Spanish omelette plant and a frozen dessert plant
  • 2015 The Carlyle Group acquired a majority shareholding in Palacios Alimentación in an SBO
  • 2016 Acquisition of Precocinados Fuentetaja & the North American Elore Holdings Inc.
  • 2019 The MCH Private Equity and Ardian groups acquire a majority shareholding in Palacios Alimentación in an TBO
  • 2021 Launch of the Plant based line.
Palacios USA | Elore Enterprises - 1055 Nw 159th Drive - Miami, FL 33169
Tel.:  (305) 477-1650