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Palacios is now among the 1,200 companies with the largest turnover in Spain


The Palacios Alimentación Group has climbed the Iberinform ranking, which establishes the 5,000 Spanish companies with the largest turnover.

In this year’s ranking, Palacios is among the 1,200 companies with the highest turnover in Spain and it is the fifth in La Rioja. In addition, according to the classification of more than 50 million Euros a year, it is one of only seven companies that have maintained their position.

The ranking includes a total of 26 companies from La Rioja that last year turned over more than 1,900 million Euros (25.5% of the GDP of La Rioja in 2013). The sales of the five thousand companies in the ranking totalled more than 940,000 million Euros.

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