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Palacios, included among the Spanish companies ready to export to China.


An Asian Delegation visited the group factory yesterday in Albeld

The doors to the Asian market for exporting Spanish products are beginning to open. This was demonstrated by the visit from the Chinese Government Quality, Inspection and Guarantee Supervision General Administration delegation who are currently visiting the most important meat companies in our country.

Yesterday, the oriental expedition came to the Palacios Alimentación plant in Albelda de Iregua, one of the most outstanding Spanish companies in the sector. Accompanied by the sub-director of Food Security and Consumption, Faustino Manso, and technicians from the Regional Government, the Chinese Delegation visited the facility to find out firsthand how the plant works and all about the manufacturing process.

For the Sales and Marketing Director of the Rioja company, Luis Trevilla, "Palacios is perfectly ready to export to the Chinese market, a highly attractive market with enormous future growth expectations."

When faced with the possibility of the company reaching Asia in the near future (the only market where it still does not sell its products after exporting to Europe, United States and Latin America), the Sales Director warned that "chorizo, cooked ham and bacon will be the products exported to China from Spain without having a production plant in this country to start off with." In order to adapt to the new market, the company is carrying out several studies to "detect tastes and customs and see what would have to be done to make this market work correctly," Indicated Trevilla. 

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