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Palacios Alimentación is present at Kroger, one of the biggest supermarket chains in U.S.A.


Going further with their internationalization process, Palacios Alimentación has placed its products in the renowned chain Kroger.

On the supermarket shelves you can find the following products of Chorizos Palacios:

Chorizos Palacios - Sweet, Spicy and Iberico - is leader in Spain, with the authentic traditional taste and All Natural, identifying mark of all them.

If we talk about Palacios Frozen Pizzas our range of products comprises three references: Pizza of Chorizo, Meat Feast and Serrano Ham. The first two are presented in a 400 gr presentation and the latter in 450 gr.

Last but not least, referring to Frozen Tortilla, we offer the Frozen Tortilla All Natural 500 gr, packaged in an elegant box.

More info:
Carlos D. Martinez
Sales Manager - USA
Palacios Foods Inc.
1055 NW 159th Drive
Miami Gardens, FL 33169
(201) 927-8283

Palacios USA | Elore Enterprises - 1055 Nw 159th Drive - Miami, FL 33169
Tel.:  (305) 477-1650