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Foods that help maintain good hydration levels

Gastronomy tips

Foods that help maintain good hydration levels

Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration. As a general rule, experts recommend drinking between 6 and 8 glasses of water per day. However, as well drinking water, it is also possible to increase hydration through food. With this article we want to remind you which foods are key to maintaining optimal hydration on these hot summer days.

- Watermelon: water content: 92%

1 cup of chopped watermelon provides about 120ml of water, equivalent to half a glass. Due to its high water content, watermelon is low in calories; helping with satiety on the one hand and weight loss on the other. In addition, watermelon is a source of powerful antioxidants, including lycopene. This component has the ability to reduce oxidative stress, related to heart disease and diabetes. You can include watermelon as a snack between meals, as a dessert or add it to a salad.

- Strawberries: water content: 91%

Along with a large amount of water, strawberries provide fiber, minerals and antioxidants to fight disease and aging. Regular consumption of strawberries is related to less inflammation, adding protection against some types of cancer and Alzheimer's. A great way to consume strawberries is to add them to natural yogurt.

- Skim milk: water content: 91%

Skim milk contains a lot of water, vitamins (A, B group) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus). Not only does it promote hydration, but it also helps you rehydrate after intense physical exercise. This is partly due to the electrolyte and protein content of milk, which helps replace lost fluid. Include milkshakes after your regular exercise session.

- Cucumber: water content: 95%

Like all water-rich vegetables, cucumber is also low in calories. You can eat a relatively large amount of cucumber without adding calories to your diet. Include it in your salads and cold soups like gazpachos.

- Cottage cheese: water content: 80%

Also called “Ricotta” in Italy. White color, mild taste and a soft, grainy texture; it is used in both sweet and savory recipes. Its high contribution of water and protein makes it a satiating food, which helps reduce appetite. It is easy to incorporate into the diet: spread on toast, mixed with chopped fruit, in an omelet or salad.

A good state of hydration is extremely important for health. Drink water and include a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products with high water content in your diet. They will help keep you healthy.


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