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Chorizo and king shrimp skewer



  • 12 shrimp
  • 12 slices of chorizo Palacios
  • 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
  • Black pepper
  • Chopped chives
  • Skewers (4)
Chorizo and king shrimp skewer
Chorizo and king shrimp skewer

In our previous blog article we talked about the famous ketogenic diet that has become so popular due to its success for weight-loss. So today we suggest a delicious recipe to help you put it into practice. These chorizo and shrimp skewers are fun to make and ideal for any time of day.


First place the prawns and chorizo slices on the skewers. Heat the olive oil on a griddle (or a skittle) and add each skewer. Cook them on both sides and decorate with the black pepper and chopped chives.

Nutritional comment:

As the skewers are not accompanied with bread, the recipe is ideal for a keto snack. Both the shrimp and the chorizo will be a source of protein, but it is the fat provided by the chorizo that is particularly interesting for this type of diet. For a snack, we can accompany the skewers with some olives, a bit of cheese or some tapas made with smoked salmon and avocado. All the foods are low carb and high fat.

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