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Sliced Chorizo

Palacios Chorizos


Sliced Chorizo

A Gourmet product made out of top quality ingredients and cut into thin slices.

Our sensible design is made to consume in small portions preserving its unique aroma and authentic taste. 100% Natural with no coloring or preservatives. Ideal for snacks and sandwiches.

Chorizo and king shrimp skewer
Chorizo and king shrimp skewer
In our previous blog article we talked about the famous ketogenic diet that has become so popular due to its success for weight-loss.
Aubergine stuffed with cheese and
Aubergine stuffed with cheese and "Palacios" chorizo (spicy pork sausage)
This tasty recipe will delight the whole family. It is an informal and original way of introducing vegetables into their diet and which also adds fiber, vitamins, antioxidants minerals and proteins.
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