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Lentils with chorizo in 15 minutes

This Spanish recipe is a classic in every household across the country. This time, we tell you how to make amazing lentils in just 15 minutes.
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Artichokes with potatoes and fried chorizo

Artichokes and chorizo are two foods that have always gone together perfectly. This delicious recipe will help your digestion and will also provide you with many nutrients.
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Cold cream of white bean soup with Palacios chorizo

Beans help prevent constipation, regulate cholesterol and glucose, they give us energy to perform our daily activities and help us not to snack between meals due to their high satiating effect, making them a good ally to help maintain weight in summer.
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Homemade mushroom and chorizo pizza

For those days when you really feel like cooking and you want to make everything from scratch, here's a delicious pizza recipe with chorizo Palacios.
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