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Poached eggs with peas and chorizo

Easy to make and tasty, that's the recipe we want to share with you this time. With staple ingredients we always have in the icebox or pantry, it is ideal for when you get home late and want to make something quick.
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White bean and cod salad

Today we're sharing a recipe for a salad that's very nutritious thanks to its two main ingredients, pochas, a type of fresh Spanish white bean, and cod.
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Aubergine stuffed with cheese and "Palacios" chorizo (spicy pork sausage)

This tasty recipe will delight the whole family. It is an informal and original way of introducing vegetables into their diet and which also adds fiber, vitamins, antioxidants minerals and proteins.
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Scrambled egg with wild mushrooms, chorizo and artichokes

Whenever we have the chance to get good quality wild mushrooms, we recommend making the most of them, because, besides their nutritional benefits, they also have a great flavor. In this recipe, we accompany them with artichokes and a hint of chorizo Palacios.
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