Your Home, Your Palace

Home is the place where memories are made and we know that the quality of the food you serve is just as important. Our aim is to create more memorable moments by bringing everyones favorite to the dinner table.

That￿s the secret- a family secret.

All Good Things Take Time

At Palacios we follow a thorough, 100% natural dry cured process where tradition plays an important role, Naturally!

Every Palace has its Leader

You know it￿s true, children rule the roost! Palacios provides you with nutritious food your kids are sure to love!


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Chorizo Iberico
Chorizo Iberico

Discover the taste and the soft texture of our new Chorizo 100% Iberico.

All natural, without colorant and preservatives, perfect for your snacks, made with Iberian pork, salt, paprika, garlic and natural flavour.

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Congratulations to the lucky winners!
Congratulations to the lucky winners!

We ask you what tapa would you make with Palacios chorizo slices, and the answers have been so interesting.

"Curing takes place all in good time"

Jaime Palacios
Founder of Palacios Alimentación

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