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Palacios group currently includes the following brands: Palacios Alimentación, Floristán, Alinaco and Granderroble. These companies share the culture, commitment and know-how that Palacios Alimentación, the mother company, has maintained as traits since it was founded in 1983.

Our brands

Product quality and diversification are the finest traits of the Palacios brand.
Since its foundation in 1983, Palacios has specialized in making chorizo following traditional techniques without adding any type of preservative or coloring.
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The Quijote brand was born with the intention of developing the best Spanish-style chorizo made in the United States. After some decades, that statement becomes true for many consumers in the country.
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It’s dedication to tradition and artistry makes Granderroble Desserts a unique experience for both catering professionals and the general public.
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